Client 1, Part 3

living room

Client 1, Part 3

The next challenge took a couple of days to talk through and nail down.

The client had a great-room kind of configuration at the front of his house. Basically, the common area was one giant room with the kitchen in one corner.

He had set up a studio in another corner, a trading/computer area in front of the kitchen, and then that left the rest of the space for his living room. In that living room he had a huge TV, like 85” or so, an armoire, a couch, and then again all kinds of things cluttering up the middle of the room: a big keyboard, a professional grade vocal mic on a boom stand that would surely withstand hurricane force winds if it was outside, another professional sound gathering device on a stand, two speakers, two amps, two dog beds, and then the requisite piles of clothes, shoes, and dog hair.

Around the edges of the room, against the walls, were two more armoires, three 8’x8’ cubby-shelf systems, two bookshelves, an 8-drawer sideboard/chest, and a double-wide filing cabinet.

Nothing felt right, spacewise. No matching pieces of furniture were standing in balanced, counterpoint-type positions. The couch was off-center from the TV. The corner behind the studio was wall-to-wall with the armoires and cubbies.

Like I said, nothing felt right to the eye. There certainly was no feng shui going on—whatever that actually is.

So we did a lot of talking about what needed to happen in that room. I knew that it was a furniture-heavy space. Forget heavy. It was drowning. We had to get some of those pieces out of there.

I tackled the space in front of the TV—again, while he was practicing for a gig.

The most I could do at that point was get stuff out of the middle of the room. I moved the keyboard against a wall and moved the boom stand against another wall. Put a trombone out in the garage. Consolidated four bass guitar cases against one of the cubby units. Swept up pounds of Labrador hair and then vacuumed the floor. Moved a coffee table from the computer area over to in front of the couch. That helped the room a lot.

Then yesterday we tackled together another corner of the garage. Reclaimed it by moving shelves against the walls and then putting all of the piles of boxes onto the shelves and emptying floor space and tables that the boxes had sat on.

The empty tables and floor space are the guy’s new computer/trading office. Last night he took all of the screens from the computer area in the living room and put them on his bed. Tonight we will take them out to the garage and set them up in that corner that we have designated his new office.

Which totally opens up that corner space in the living room, allowing for the dining table to be moved there (from the middle of the kitchen) and for the couch to be slid over and centered in front of the TV.

I can’t wait to go over tonight and do this next segment of the project.

The guy is elated with our progress. He regularly expresses his appreciation. The words that make me the happiest is when he says that he is finally getting his life back.



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