Client 1, Part 2


Client 1, Part 2

Once we finished the bedroom , We are ready to move onto the next thing .

As it turned out I had to do the next project alone because he had an unexpected gig come up that he had to practice for. But he was okay with letting me work on my own in the garage while he practiced.

We did determine first what I would do so he was clear and comfortable with the knowledge of what I was going to be doing with his belongings.

One of the things that he has throughout the house is various valuable things that he wants to commission someone to sell for him on eBay. This stuff is scattered throughout the house, however.

We decided that a good place to start would be clearing shelf space in the garage where all of the eBay items could be consolidated.

That way whenever he came across something anywhere in the house that he knew was destined for eBay, that item could just be marched out to the garage and put on one of the eBay shelves.

So my task while he was practicing for his gig was to consolidate stuff from one wall of shelving onto shelves that lined another wall. So this is what I spent about four hours working on.

At the same time the floor in front of all of the shelves was piled high with boxes. I also went through those boxes and found a new home for them.

We had set aside a table on the other side of the garage that I decided would be the spot for all boxes of paperwork. This included boxes of divorce paperwork and the boxes of medical paperwork from the care of his parents.

There were many boxes of this kind of paperwork just scattered randomly around the floor and piled on top of other boxes.

I found lids for all of the boxes and put all of the boxes of papers over on the table. And then I consolidated the boxes from the designated eBay shelves onto the other wall of shelves.

I also found that a lot of the boxes In the garage were actually empty. So I created an area for boxes that I broke down and collapsed and stacked. Just breaking down all of the empty boxes made a big dent in the amount of stuff taking up real estate in that garage.

One thing going on in the garage was that all the boxes, tubs, furniture pieces, shelves, etc., were all sitting higgledy-piggledy around the floor. Taking those items and just aligning them along a grid made a big visual difference. It just made the space look organized rather than chaotic.

I left for the day before the guy had a chance to look at the garage, but I got a text from him later that night expressing his amazement at the difference that had happened in the garage.

I did agree with him. I have been able to almost completely empty all of the shelves along one wall in that south west corner of the garage, and I had also emptied the floor of all of the stuff that was piled around. There was literally multiple square feet of floor space where you could really see the floor.

He was very encouraged by this progress as was I, and that was day two of the dig out project.

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