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The Quest for Pediatric Gastroenterology

So, this blog is mostly about my business of organizing and designing spaces In a residential or commercial context. But sometimes I use this blog for other random subjects and articles.

Today is an example of a rabbit trail article.

But I wanted to talk about this because this is something that happened to me recently and whenever I have information that I think is worth sharing with other people I like to do that and maybe save other people time and hassle of looking for the same information. No need to reinvent the wheel, right?

So this is actually about a pediatric gastroenterologist that I found and my experience with that.

Children’s Health: The alarming aspects of your own child being sick

I have a daughter who has been having a lot of severe stomach issues. I had realized that she needed to see a gastroenterologist, and specifically a pediatric gastroenterologist.

My daughter had had stomach pain and abdominal pain. At first I just took her to our regular family practitioner, not thinking that her issues were anything that required a specialist. After all, I knew that gastroenterologists usually deal with things like swallowing disorders, diseases related to the gallbladder, vomiting, constipation, gluten intolerance, and other things. My daughter had none of these issues.

I googled pediatric gastroenterologist near me, and one came up referred from Primary Care Pediatrics a pediatrician in metrowest.

They were close to me and so I made an appointment and took my daughter in to see them.

It turned out that her issue was a motility issue. I didn’t even realize that motility was a word, let alone an issue, until the pediatric gastroenterologist ran a bunch of tests and then sat me down to tell me what was going on.

Motility is the traveling of waste through the intestines and also the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. So the deal was that the food and waste were not moving through her system properly.

Apparently with motility you can have opposite problems. You can have food and waste that moves through the tract too quickly and does not allow for the absorption of nutrients into the body. And then the person wastes away because they are not getting the benefit of the food they’re eating.

The opposite problem can happen when food does not move through the system quickly enough or in extreme cases at all. Then it just sits there and becomes impacted and basically like concrete. Obviously that becomes life-threatening for the person to whom this is happening.

Either case is life-threatening actually.

So the doctor explained what was going on with my daughter, and she had the situation where food was not moving through and basically getting stuck and sitting there.

We went on a month long treatment program for my daughter and were able to get the situation reversed and under control and managed.

It may be something that she has to deal with the rest of her life but through primary care pediatrics we know what to do right now for these years, and will take the next years as they come. I was super grateful to find this doctor. I would say that hands down this is the best pediatric gastroenterology Orlando practice.

I would recommend them to everyone.

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